Brewers Find A New Mascot

ImageThe Milwaukee Brewers have found a new mascot, Hank, which was found at their spring training site in Phoenix, Ariz. Well it looks like Ryan Braun is no longer the “top dog” of the Brewers anymore.

Hank, a stray dog, was wandering around their spring training facility and the players and fans fell in love with him everyday. This is also something that the Brewers would think that can distract the public from Ryan Braun’s suspension from last year. Also something that can help attract more fans to the games.

According to the Brewers’ Twitter page, this Bichon Frise mix was put to a contract to become their mascot. Over the past ten years, the “Brew Crew” have only made the playoffs twice and still haven’t won a World Series. Well maybe this pup can change it all for them.

Hank has brought so much buzz to this team that he already has his own bobblehead night. This is going to be on Sept. 13, and the Brewers are going to be hosting the Cincinnati Reds that game. Also, the proceeds at the gate of that game will be given to the Milwaukee Humane Society for the care of stray animals just like Hank was.

I won’t be surprised if that game will also be “bring your pet to the ballgame” day. Before the game, there’s going to be an adopt-a-pet event for local pets that are looking for homes in the Milwaukee area.

So by adding a dog to be the mascot of the Brewers can really help a great cause. This may get other teams to have dogs or evens other animals as their mascots in the future.



Archie Miller’s Dayton Flyers


There have been many upsets this year in the NCAA tournament. The nation saw SF Austin knock out the Cinderella story of the past, VCU. Harvard eliminated Cincinnati, and one of the biggest upsets being Mercer taking out Duke all in the first round.

But what team will everyone be talking about after this NCAA championship tournament is over? The Dayton Flyers.

The eleventh seed Dayton Flyers have shocked the world in this 2014 NCAA tournament. With their first win against an instate rival The Ohio State, then knocking off Syracuse in the second round, the Flyers are making their first appearance in the sweet 16 in 30 years. They will be playing for a spot in the elite eight this Thursday trying to knock off number ten Stanford.

With all the hype of the tournament thus far the athletic department decided that this is the perfect time to release that the University of Dayton has extended head coach Archie Miller’s contract until the 2018-19 season.Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 6.52.47 PM

Athletic director Tim Wabler was quoted in a statement saying, “The University of Dayton is committed to a national-level basketball program, and this contract extension demonstrates our belief that Archie Miller is the right leader for our program. We are proud of the academic and competitive success he has led over the last three years, and the momentum of the program is on the path we expect.”

The contract with Coach Miller was negotiated starting back in December, but he didn’t sign the contract until February, and decided to keep the news private during regular season to avoid any distractions that could come with it.

In a statement released by Coach Archie Miller he says, “It’s a privilege to be the head coach at the University of Dayton. We are thrilled about our future. The University of Dayton has everything it needs to be among the best. We have great fans, a totally committed administration, and the key pieces are in place.”

Now that the big announcement has been released to the public, Coach Miller has to focus on his next task taking out Stanford to earn a spot in the Elite 8.






Paul George Building Up A Bad Image


These past two years, Paul George has made a huge buzz for himself in the NBA. Three years ago, his rookie year, nobody even heard of him and now he’s considered one of the top five players of the NBA.

Well last week there was a rumor going around that he was “catfished”. For those of you who don’t know what being “catfished” means, I explain it to you. A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

So what happened was that someone was sending him selfies of a woman and he obviously thought it was a woman that was sending it to him. Well he was wrong. It was actually a gay male who was sending him those selfies and then later nude photos. So after he received those nude photos, he decided to send back some nude photos.

Once the gay male received these photos, he posted them on the internet and they went viral. This currently gave Paul George a bad image.

It turns out that this gay male who was “catfishing” Paul George was also doing the same scandal to Kenyon Martin and even rapper Romeo. This gay male might even be able to “catfish” some more celebrities.

Well being a pro athlete, this wasn’t a very professional thing for him to do. Especially right now because the Pacers have been struggling really bad. This is probably the worst the Pacers have been playing this whole season.

I wouldn’t even say that the Pacers are the only ones who are playing bad right now, I think Paul George is playing pretty terrible too. If you’d ask me, I’d probably say that this scandal is what has caused some of their losing lately.


Jim Irsay: Owner, Billionaire, Addict

As a precursor to this article, I want to clarify that as with all writers/journalists/bloggers, I write through the lens of my own life. I am not-and never have been- addicted to prescription drugs, therefore I can only speculate how those individuals think and go about their lives. However, I am a supporter of the Indianapolis Colts, so I do have a perspective that is influenced by the organization, its personnel, and its owner.

Anyone who keeps up with the daily news or social media surely knows that on Sunday March 16th, Colts’ owner Jim Irsay was pulled over for driving under the influence. During the stop by Carmel police, Irsay failed several field sobriety tests and had Schedule IV perception drugs found in his vehicle. He was then arrested, taken to jail, and charged with four felony counts.

After the event took place, the sports world took notice with differing opinions on the subject. Some out there believe that Irsay should be treated lightly since he may not have had complete control of his actions, others believe that he was acting out of his own selfish interest and should have the book thrown at him. However, both sides have come to an agreement that they are not really surprised.

Irsay has spent a large part of his life fighting addiction, and most believe that this was not his first relapse since his sobriety started 15 years ago- as declared by the owner himself last October. If one takes a glance at Irsay’s twitter account, it is sprinkled with tweets that were most likely sent while intoxicated; and if he wasn’t drunk, then I am not sure what drunk tweeting looks like. For more factual proof, the Colts’ owner has lost 70 pounds in the last two years. Not many things besides disease or drug abuse could naturally explain this massive shift in weight.

Something that I did notice during this news storm was the amount of support that was given to the owner, support that has never really been given to the players in the same league. It seems to be a common occurrence in today’s world for professional athletes to be arrested for driving under the influence, and no one ever hesitates to pile on the criticism. The topic reached its peak in 2005 when Browns’ WR Donte Stallworth was arrested after killing a man while driving under the influence. Along with penalties from the state, Stallworth received a year ban from Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Source: AP Photos

Source: AP Photos

However, after Jim Irsay’s incident, there were far less cries for punishment than the calls for support. Spanning from new columnists, to NFL coaches, to recovering addicts across the nation; it seems as though people have forgotten that Irsay was one pedestrian away from an incident just like Stallworth. I am just unsure why people were so easy to forgive Irsay, who has put himself into the same exact position as countless other athletes.

I believe that since Jim Irsay is a part of the NFL, just like any of its players, he needs to be punished like any other in the association. During his time as commissioner, Roger Goodell has been known to deal harshly with DUI issues, so he needs to set the precedent that he will follow the same punishment protocol from top to bottom. Irsay needs to be suspended from the team until he has finished his time in rehab, and randomly subjected to drug tests throughout the rest of his time as an NFL owner.

Since Jim Irsay has chosen to make himself the face of the Indianapolis Colts, he takes on the responsibilities that come with it. If he wants to be a huge voice on twitter, he needs to stop making the team look like it’s owned by a drunk. If this kind of behavior continues, the team will look less and less appealing to those players looking for a good environment to play at a high level. If Irsay continues down this path, the Colts will be just one more organization that perpetually struggles due to poor ownership.

Play Pivit – A New Live Fantasy Sports App

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.33.26 PM

If your NCAA March Madness bracket isn’t doing too hot, then play Pivit for a second chance to beat your friends. Pivit is a new live sports app where fans can play along live games and predict the winner. It is premised off of probability and win percentages. You can predict the winner before the game starts and change your bets throughout the game based on points and game changes. It is a moment-to-moment experience that allows players to change their bets during the game changes.

As you play, you can multiply your game percentage up to 10 maximum, and based off your bets you will either win points or lose points along the way. If you are losing a lot of points, you can quit then and cut your losses, or collect your points while you’re up. Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.34.09 PMThis is a great app during March Madness with a lot of games occurring, allowing you to gain a ton of points. Plus, Pivit is also giving away up to $15k in cash prizes during the March Madness Sweepstakes.

This app is unique in many ways. Not only is it a live fantasy experience, but you can play on a game-to-game bases. This years NCAA Tournament has had quite a few upsets in just the first round with the underdog teams winning, throwing off many peoples’ brackets. This app gives you another chance to play along and beat your friends. You can play in individual leagues with your closest friends and make the game even more competitive. If your winning team is already out of the tournament, play Pivit for another chance to boast and brag amongst your friends.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.33.40 PMWith today’s generation of new media, this app is one of the first of it’s kinds. There is so much potential with the access we have to media, and this app takes advantage of it to the fullest! Everyone loves the competition that comes along with sports, especially during March Madness, why not join the madness in Pivit and compete with thousands of other users? It’s free and it’s fun! Download Pivit today.

Más: How Angulo Lost the Fight

ALVAREZ-ANGULOThis Saturday boasted another great light-middleweight bout between Mexican natives Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo, giving the viewers the slug fest that they are always looking for. Both fighters are known for their heavy hitting, with Angulo knocking out his opponent 18 times in his 22 victories and Alvarez only having lost one professional fight previously.

In his previous fight, Canelo Alvarez was handed his defeat by Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. (45-0-0), so it was evident that Canelo was out for victory this time. The fight began strongly in Alvarez’s favor, with Angulo taking many solid connections to the body and face. However, it seemed that Alzarez’s intensity faded towards the end of the round when Angulo rallied with a few solid punches of his own.

After the next few rounds, Alvarez continued to serve Alfredo Angulo with heavy punches to the head, and they seemed to be taking their toll. By round five, Angulo started to show swelling in his eye and each punch seemed to take more energy from him than the last. However, Canelo’s high intensity start did take a toll on him. By the end of round five, official scoring put Alvarez in the lead 50-45.

The beginning of round six was where Angulo took his stand, winning the round and brining that energy to rounds that followed. The exchanges between the two seemed to be less one-sided, and Angulo started to land a few heavy blows to Alvarez. It did not look as though Angulo had the ability to win the fight but he refused to go down, showing the toughness and will-power that all boxers must possess.

Round ten was where things strayed from the norm. Unknown to the referee, Angulo’s trainer- Virgil Hunter- told his fighter before the round began that if a solid combination of punches were landed on him, he would throw in the white towel and forfeit the fight; however, this opportunity did not present itself. With 47 seconds since the bell, referee Tony Weeks called a technical knockout after Alvarez landed a hard left glove to Angulo’s head.

TKOWatching this fight live, I was a bit shocked that the fight was called at that point. I understand, as a fan of professional boxing, that there was hardly a chance of Angulo winning the bout, but it seemed like he was still standing solid and ready to go. After the punch that ended the fight, Angulo took a step back but was immediately ready to counter-attack once he saw his opening.

I was not the only one shocked as the fight was called, Alfredo Alvarez, his trainer, and the entire crowd began to complain and let out loud boos. Alvarez knew that his bout was almost over and wanted to call the fight on his own terms, not let the referee determine that he was too injured to continue.

I can understand what Angulo was trying to claim, but I have to side with the referee in this matter. Despite the fact that I had been waiting all night for a knockout, I trust the opinion of the referee over anyone else in the MGM Grand. Spectators, trainers, and fighters all have their own allegiance, but referees are paid to be impartial. Not even mentioning the extensive training Tony Weeks must have gone through to ref such a televised event, he is the one at legal risk if a fighter is gravely injured during a bout. So to everyone out there that did not want to see the fight called, just remember, those people boxing have lives that they need to live also.

Winning on the PGA tour is getting harder to do

ImageThis last week, 23-year-old Patrick Reed won the Cadillac Championship with a one shot victory over a field made up of many veterans; notables including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. He went back and forth with ties for first during the final round, but ultimately pulled out the victory to make this his second win of the season, and his third win dating back to this past August. After winning the Cadillac Championship, Reed was quoted saying, “I’m one of the top five players in the world. I feel like I’ve proven myself.”

Already on tour this season, two players combined have won 5 PGA tour events, Jimmy Walker (three wins) and Patrick Reed (two wins), while veteran Tiger Woods wore his Sunday red for the first time this week, after missing cuts in previous tournaments this 2014 season and having to withdraw last week due to back spasms.

Reed (23) and Walker (35) are the latest young and rising stars to win on the PGA tour. Other notable wins by newcomers include Harris English (24) winning in Mexico last November grabbing his second win in 6 months, along with Jordan Speith (20) winning last July, and starting this year off hot by giving himself three great chances to win.

But winning is getting harder, even for the players who are used to winning a lot. Each season the PGA tour seems to bring a new group of talented and young players who have a lot of skill and no fear. 10 out of the last 17 wins on the tour this season have been players in there 20s.

With the Masters being only a month away, and the field being stronger than ever, the green jacket is up for grabs. Are we going to see Adam Scott put the green jacket on a player in his 20s, or on a guy with a little more experience like Tiger Woods?

With the first of the four majors approaching quickly talk on  whether or not Tiger Woods will be able to surpass Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 majors is beginning again but being 4 shy of 18, time may not be on Tiger’s side.

For me, I would love to see Tiger Woods walk away from Augusta wearing his 5th green jacket but with the back spasms that caused him to withdraw from a recent tournament and the obvious pain he was in at the Cadillac Championship the odds of him playing pain free for four rounds are not looking to be in his favor.Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 10.46.49 AM

The masters is the most exciting time for avid golf fans, with 30 days to go fans are making their picks and choosing their champions. Will it be a young rising star, or will we see Tiger Woods collect his 15th major win.

Who do you have winning in April?

Bird’s Mistake Affects The Team


Trading Danny Granger is beginning to affect the Indiana Pacers more than people expected, as the Pacers have obtained a 4-game losing streak. As a top competitor for the number one seed in the East Conference, the Pacers will have to quickly bounce back to keep the Miami Heat from sneaking into that number one spot.

When news broke of the Pacers trading Danny Granger, many believed it was a poor choice, but many people also thought it was a strong deal that would only seal the NBA Finals title for the Pacers. As a fellow blogger wrote a few weeks ago, chemistry is what holds a team together. Although the team had it’s best record last season without their team leader, it was only time until the Pacers suffered the loss of Granger, especially after all the hard work and effort he has contributed this season after his big return.

After a tough loss to the Golden State Warriors on March 4th, the Pacers just couldn’t bounce back as they followed with another loss to the Bobcats, as Paul George only scored two points. The Pacers need to finish the season they way they started, strong and dominant, if they want to clinch the number one seed in the East Conference and be successful in the playoffs.

A team’s downfall, such as the Pacers, only proves how much one player, whether they are a leader on the court or on the sideline, can affect a team’s chemistry and performance during the season. Granger has been out for most of the last two seasons due to injuries, but his presence on the team has been much greater than many thought. He has been the image of the franchise in years passed, and to lose someone as important as he has been, affects the team more than the outside audiences witness.


As March becomes the center and most important time for basketball teams, the Pacers better bounce back quickly, if they expect to finish strong and have a successful playoff run. Before the season started, many claimed that this season was easily the Pacers, and the Pacers began to prove their dominance throughout the season, until now.

So, Pacers, I ask you to please finish the season strong, and do it for Danny Granger and all his hard work he’s put into this team in allowing you to be where you are now. Do it for Danny, and all the Pacers’ fans, we’re begging you.