Pacers Get Lucky

After a back-and-forth battle between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat, the Pacers have finally clinched the number one spot for the East Conference, but not in a self-deserving way. It was given to them.

Following a strong start at the beginning of the season, with setting a franchise wins record, it seemed to be clear who was going to take the East Conference top spot, until about a month or two ago. The Pacers began to fall apart, and it happened rapidly. If they would have beaten the Knicks on March 19th, they would have been four games ahead of the Heat, but they lost, giving the Heat another chance to catch back up.

When the team finally started to pull things back together and play the way they did at the start of the season, things were looking up. If the Pacers are to face the Heat again in the Eastern Conference Finals, it was crucial for them to have home court advantage. It all came down to the home game vs. the Heat. Fans were worried, but somehow the Pacers put the past behind them and finished a strong and close game to beat the Heat. All they had to do was keep winning and not lose the easy games…which they did. Not only did they lose easy games, but the Pacers managed to score a historically-low first half with only 23 points. Coach Frank Vogel sat his starters for the next game because of their poor performance, and somehow they managed to barely beat Milwaukee. Again, thanks to luck.

In my opinion, ever since Larry Bird tried to clean up some issues within the team, such as trading team captain Danny Granger, the team camaraderie has clearly vanished. The Pacers slowly began to fall apart and that element of holding the team together was simply not there anymore. It seemed as if they had lost their team captain, their veteran, and number one guy to look up to for assistance and experience..oh wait, they did. In a recent interview with Larry Bird, the president of basketball operations, he stated that he did not “believe that the departure of nine-year Pacer forward Danny Granger disrupted team chemistry.” Bird believed that the trade to get Andrew Bynum was important for the playoffs, but let’s not forget about the regular season leading up to the playoffs Mr. Bird.

It hasn’t been easy nor has it been enjoyable, but the Pacers have finally clinched the top spot in the Eastern Conference. They didn’t do it by dominating the conference and beating teams, but because they got lucky and the Heat happened to lose their last two games.   Starting as the dominating team of the conference to now a team based on luck, is not something to ride on in hopes of getting them through the playoffs. Along with the number one spot, they now have home court advantage. This will help immensely, but they also need to work on their team chemistry and get back to playing like the team they started with in November.

Luck can only take you so far and I can only thank the Heat for losing.


Paul George Building Up A Bad Image


These past two years, Paul George has made a huge buzz for himself in the NBA. Three years ago, his rookie year, nobody even heard of him and now he’s considered one of the top five players of the NBA.

Well last week there was a rumor going around that he was “catfished”. For those of you who don’t know what being “catfished” means, I explain it to you. A catfish is someone who pretends to be someone they’re not using Facebook or social media to create false identities, particularly to pursue deceptive online romances.

So what happened was that someone was sending him selfies of a woman and he obviously thought it was a woman that was sending it to him. Well he was wrong. It was actually a gay male who was sending him those selfies and then later nude photos. So after he received those nude photos, he decided to send back some nude photos.

Once the gay male received these photos, he posted them on the internet and they went viral. This currently gave Paul George a bad image.

It turns out that this gay male who was “catfishing” Paul George was also doing the same scandal to Kenyon Martin and even rapper Romeo. This gay male might even be able to “catfish” some more celebrities.

Well being a pro athlete, this wasn’t a very professional thing for him to do. Especially right now because the Pacers have been struggling really bad. This is probably the worst the Pacers have been playing this whole season.

I wouldn’t even say that the Pacers are the only ones who are playing bad right now, I think Paul George is playing pretty terrible too. If you’d ask me, I’d probably say that this scandal is what has caused some of their losing lately.


Bird’s Mistake Affects The Team


Trading Danny Granger is beginning to affect the Indiana Pacers more than people expected, as the Pacers have obtained a 4-game losing streak. As a top competitor for the number one seed in the East Conference, the Pacers will have to quickly bounce back to keep the Miami Heat from sneaking into that number one spot.

When news broke of the Pacers trading Danny Granger, many believed it was a poor choice, but many people also thought it was a strong deal that would only seal the NBA Finals title for the Pacers. As a fellow blogger wrote a few weeks ago, chemistry is what holds a team together. Although the team had it’s best record last season without their team leader, it was only time until the Pacers suffered the loss of Granger, especially after all the hard work and effort he has contributed this season after his big return.

After a tough loss to the Golden State Warriors on March 4th, the Pacers just couldn’t bounce back as they followed with another loss to the Bobcats, as Paul George only scored two points. The Pacers need to finish the season they way they started, strong and dominant, if they want to clinch the number one seed in the East Conference and be successful in the playoffs.

A team’s downfall, such as the Pacers, only proves how much one player, whether they are a leader on the court or on the sideline, can affect a team’s chemistry and performance during the season. Granger has been out for most of the last two seasons due to injuries, but his presence on the team has been much greater than many thought. He has been the image of the franchise in years passed, and to lose someone as important as he has been, affects the team more than the outside audiences witness.


As March becomes the center and most important time for basketball teams, the Pacers better bounce back quickly, if they expect to finish strong and have a successful playoff run. Before the season started, many claimed that this season was easily the Pacers, and the Pacers began to prove their dominance throughout the season, until now.

So, Pacers, I ask you to please finish the season strong, and do it for Danny Granger and all his hard work he’s put into this team in allowing you to be where you are now. Do it for Danny, and all the Pacers’ fans, we’re begging you.